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  • Vurugu zazuka mji wa Baltmore Marekani
    Vurugu kubwa za mapigano baina ya polisi na waandamanaji zimetokea nchini Marekani katika mji wa Boltimore, baada ya maziko ya kijana Freddie Gray ambaye alikufa kutokana kujeruhiwa alipokuwa mikononi mwa polisi.
  • Tutafuzu michuano ya Mataifa ya Afrika.
    TFF imesema limeweka malengo ,timu ya taifa ya vijana ya U17 inafuzu kucheza fainali za Mataifa Afrika 2017 Madagscar


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At this time we are not hiring any additional staff, nor are we actively seeking specific volunteers or interns. Currently, the most substantial way to become involved in our work is to become a member of our site and participate in the development of knowledge our forum. If you have any questions pertinent to grassroots community development work please post a new topic, or, if you feel you have a solution to some of the questions already asked, please join us in responding to these queries.

Additionally, you can also greatly assist our work by helping to spread the word about Jifunze to other like-minded individuals, foundations and corporations whom may be interested in what we are doing.

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