Kiteto District Community Education Centre


Karibuni Tujifunze! ~ Maarifa Mapya!


The Kiteto District CERC, operating in Kibaya Tanzania, serves as resource for all sectors of the community and also serves as a model for international development throughout the world.

Opened in July of 2003 the Kiteto District Community Education Resource Centre provides educational support through programming for all ages, backgrounds, and ability levels.

The CERC is characterized in the community by two mottos, “Karibuni Tujifunze” and “Maarifa Mapya”. These mottos, “Everyone is Welcome” and “New and Exciting Things” respectively characterize what the CERC offers the Kiteto community. By providing an innovative resource centre that is available to all community members the CERC hopes to improve the quality of life through education in one of Tanzania's least educated areas.

Originally envisioned as a one room study centre for young women the CERC has grown into a 14 room complex which was purpose built and designed by incorporating the ideas of a democratically elected community steering committee. The centre is open in the mornings, in the afternoons, in the evenings and on the weekends so that all community members have ample opportunity to access its resources. CERC programming takes place inside the centre, outside in the complex, and around the community. The programs currently in operation include: two academic support centers with discussion rooms, an early learning centre, a continuing education centre, a reading area, basic literacy classes, English classes, computer classes, workshops and seminars, children’s playground, experiential teaching garden, and integrated health curriculum.

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The Kiteto CERC works in Partnership with the Jifunze Project.