Concurrent with our phase out of direct management of the Kiteto CERC, Jifunze currently maintains a minimal staff headed by Thomas Oelberger, our part-time Executive Director. Thomas is supported by Donna Ruane, our volunteer Office Manager, as well as other a number of other past volunteers and staff members on an as needed basis. Over our ten years in Kibaya, we have been fortunate enough to work with over 25 highly skilled staff members, volunteers, and interns from around the globe. We greatly appreciate the contributions of these individuals and have therefore highlighted their past service below.

Thomas Robson Oelberger
Executive Director
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Thomas first joined Jifunze as a volunteer in Kibaya from July 2003 to March 2004. While in Kiteto he assisted us with the design of the first playground in our region, direction of a documentary film, computer repair and maintenance, administrative tasks, and many other projects. Upon his return to the United States Thomas continued to volunteer for Jifunze by editing & producing our DVD documentary, as well as acting as the Volunteer Coordinator & Treasurer. After two years of dedicated volunteer service we were pleased to offer Thomas the position of Senior Program Manager in March 2005. Thomas excelled in his new position, which saw him traveling to Tanzania every six months to check up on the CERC and it was then only natural for him to take over the role of Executive Director when Carrie Oelberger stepped down to become Chairperson of the Board in September 2006.

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Donna Ruane
Office Manager
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Donna became interested in Jifunze while working with Carrie Oelberger at the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship at Haverford College during 2004/2005. She has been a great asset to our U.S. office and provides much needed support to all of our staff members. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Donna still lives nearby in Media, PA with her husband Jerry, and her loveable dog, Smudge.

Donna Photo

Past Staff, Interns & Volunteers

  • Anna Blackwell (2008-2009, Kibaya, British)
  • Mary Malekela (2003-2008, Kibaya, Tanzanian)
  • Modesta Kuzenzia (2006-2008, Kibaya, Tanzanian)
  • Will Bryson (2006-2008, Kibaya, British)
  • Christina Villanueva (2006-2007, Kibaya, Filipino)
  • Christine Fravil (2006-2007, Kibaya, American
  • Jenny Rabinowich (2005-2007, Kibaya & USA, American)
  • David Cruickshank (2005-2006, Kibaya, Canadian)
  • Patricia Gathua (2004-2006, Kibaya, Kenyan)
  • J. Carrie Oelberger (1999-2006, Kibaya & USA, American)
  • Rebecca Brown (2003-2006, Kibaya, American)
  • Kaitlin Decker (2005-2006, Kibaya, American)
  • Tara Mulqueen (2004-2007, Kibaya & USA, American)
  • Melinda Bernado (2004-2006, Online, American)
  • Heather Bolesh (2003-2005, Online, American)
  • Emily Harney (2005, Kibaya, American)
  • Susan Ketner (2005, Kibaya, American)
  • Michele Christle (2005, Kibaya, American)
  • Cynthia de Beer (2004-2005, Kibaya, Dutch)
  • Ayano Ito (2004, Kibaya, Japanese)
  • Joan Wells (2003-2004, Kibaya, American)
  • Hana Brown (2001-2004, Kibaya & USA, American)
  • Deb Clague (2002-2003, Online, Canadian)
  • Tricia Piechowski (2003, Kibaya, American)
  • Cindy Cho (2003, Kibaya, American)
  • Tiar√© Cross (2002-2003, Kibaya, American)
  • Greg Callaham (2002-2003, Kibaya, American)
  • Paulo Ferreira (2002-2003, Kibaya, Portuguese)
  • Gwenn Rosenberg (2001-2002, Kibaya, American)

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