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Kiteto CERC

From its humble beginnings, the Kiteto Community Education Resource Centre (CERC) has now become an international model for rural education. Hailed by the Tanzanian Minister of education as "the only of its kind in Tanzania" the CERC provides services for all community members; from Kindergarten students learning to read, to adults completing university degrees through a correspondence course.

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Girls Scholarship Fund

Prior to the official formation of Jifunze, Carrie Oelberger initiated a small scale girls scholarship fund in the spring of 1998 in order to help young women in Tanzania achieve higher education concurrent with their intellectual potential, rather than with their financial resources. Our first scholarship recipient, Matasia Godwin, was the top student in her class in Kiteto Secondary School but her achievement was being throttled due to the lack of specified resources available in Kiteto. Therefore, Jifunze assisted Matasia to attend a school in Arusha, a much larger city with additional opportunities. This change enabled Mataisa to reach her full potential and upon graduating from Arusha Secondary School, Jifunze continued supporting Matasia by assisting her to attend Bukare Community Development College, a competitive post-secondary school diploma course in Western Tanzania. We are very pleased to have been able to assist Matasia in her educational development, as are we very proud of all of the other young women who have participated in our program.

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